Mallorie is 3!

Well, I have been perhaps the world’s worst blogger of late!  For each of the twins I posted about them when they turned 3, so I can’t forget to do it for Mallorie, too!  She is the funniest little person & I want to remember these little tidbits always!  So here goes:

She calls her tummy her “nummy.”

Some of her sayings include, “Are you kidding me?, Oh boy, and calls everyone a “silly goose.”

Loves to give thumbs up when she likes something.

Obsessed with surprise eggs.. She’ll say “mama, I want to watch Amy Jo, DCTC.”  (It’s a youtube channel that does a lot of surprise egg videos)

A BIG TIME Daddy’s girl

Greets Justin by saying “Hi Daddio!”

At bedtime she’ll say “I’d rather you stay & talk.  And when you try to leave she’ll say, “I want to talk a little more.”

Since Ellie’s nickname is “Ellie Bean”, a lot of the time she’ll call me “Mommy-Bean”

She loves to play babies..her baby is named “Bitty Baby”

Learned how to swing herself so that she could keep up with her sisters.  She wants to do whatever they’re doing!

After she brushes her teeth she comes & flashes her pearly whites so that you can see them.

Loves Cat in the Hat

Completely potty trained herself in a day a little before 2.5…Day, night everything!!

For nap time, everyday when it’s time…she says “Let race.”

Mallorie is the funniest little person I know & has brought so much joy to our lives.  We can’t imagine life without her.  There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t make me crack up!  She’s also so very sweet & such a good little sister. She wants to make everyone happy.  But she’s also stubborn as a mule!  Be warned!  She will talk your ear off if you get her started.  We love you Mallorie Paige!


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First Day Of Kindergarten

First Day of KindergartenYesterday my babies started Kindergarten.  They were so brave & confident!  I cried off & on most of the morning, but no total melt downs.  It helped that they were so excited!  It’s day 2 & they didn’t want me to walk them in & it’s pizza day so they didn’t want me to pack a lunch.  So today they conquer getting their own hot lunch!  So crazy how much they’ve grown up.  Not really my babies anymore!  So proud of these 2 & hope they have the best day today!

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We just got back from one last quick trip before Kindergarten starts.  I can’t even tell you what a great time we had.  I found a house to rent in Pinetop Country Club on VRBO.  We have some friends that own a cabin there, so we were neighbors for the weekend!

I think my favorite part was watching the girls explore nature.  We spent 99% of our time outside unless we were sleeping.  Summer in the valley can get long..feels like we rush as quickly as possible from the car indoors just trying to stay cool!  It was nice to let the kids off the leash a bit without worry!  At one point we put the fishing boat up to shore & Mallorie went with Ellie to explore.  They wandered a little far, so we had to maneuver around some other fisherman, to the middle of the lake & then back to shore to pick them up.  I think they loved the sense of freedom!

Some of the highlights were taking the boat out fishing, lots of ranger rides while listening to “Honey I’m Good” on repeat,  the tire swing in our backyard, making smores, & hunting for dandelions!  Have a feeling this  will be our first of many trips to Pinetop!



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Under the Sea Ariel Birthday


Today we celebrated Audrie & Ellie turning 6.  We had a party at Rebound Gymnastics because they LOVE gymnastics!  They had such fun celebrating with all of their friends!


little mermaid party

little mermaid cakelittle mermaid partylittle mermaid partylittle mermaid partylittle mermaid partycookies little mermaidariel birthdaygymnastics partygymastics party



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Mallorie is 2!

So blogging has definitely taken a back burner lately.  But I did want to take a few minutes to document Mallorie.  She hasn’t made many appearances on the blog, but since she just turned 2…she’s been up to a lot.

For her big day we had a Donut Birthday party planned at the park!  Unfortunately, the stomach bug hit our house…followed by strep throat & pink eye, but I digress.  Anyway, long story short the party had to be cancelled.  But we still enjoyed some donuts with just the five of us.

So what is Mallorie like at 2?!

Well, she’s a very easy baby MOST of the time.  She sleeps like a champ.

But we also call her a tea pot like her Dad.  She doesn’t get mad often but when she does it happens fast but luckily it doesn’t last long.

She loves her sisters & wants to do anything & everything they do.

LOVES to dance!

Sucked her thumb from 6 weeks old, but stopped cold turkey a little before 2 thanks to Scratch Sleeves!  It was a non-issue.  We put the scratch sleeves on & she never looked back!  done!

Strong willed

She’s funny, often does things just for the laugh

LOVES Barney

Loves her Daddy…as soon as she hears garage door she run with her arms in the air saying, “Daaadddy!”

And because I never documented some of her 1st words like I did when the twins started talking…here are some of the words she uses often at 2!

Milk, water, go, look, step, Dora, Barney, cracker, rice cake, cheese, cookie, Ellie, Mom, Dad, hello, bye, yes, no, are you okay, potty, poo poo, shoes, sock, jump, hop, apple, chicken, open, please, thank you, blanket, pig, cow, horse, teeth,  I don’t like it, cup, chip, snack, walk, I’m good, cuddle, eat, bear, tea, help, I want to hold it book.

That’s all I can think of for now.  And of course because no post is complete without a photo!





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