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Zoo Lights


I’m a little behind on posting about our trip to zoo lights, but here it is. A couple of weeks ago, the twins had their first trip to the zoo; it just happened to be at night. For those of you not from Arizona, every year the Phoenix zoo puts on what is called “Zoo […]

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6 Months

As soon as I showed them the step stool, this is what Audrie did for about 20 minutes

Well, it’s hard to believe the but the babies will be 6 months old on Tuesday. They grow up so fast!! It seems as though everyday brings a new development. I spent the first 3 months wishing they would hurry up and get out of the newborn stage. Now I’m wishing they would just put […]

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Our 2 Little Turkeys


Well, I must say we had the best Thanksgiving with our 2 favorite little turkeys. How is it that having kids makes the holidays so much more fun? Ellie & Audrie had a big day!! I woke early, fed them & then started preparing dinner. As I was making the sweet potatoe casserole I soon […]

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The Greatest Gift

Well, now that I can truly look at nursing twins as the “Greatest Gift” I’ve given my girls; I’m going to blog about it. My hope is that maybe this story will help any mother who is getting ready to start nursing or maybe having a hard time with breastfeeding and is ready to stop. […]

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5 Months ( 3.5 Adjusted)

Well, last week was another week of firsts. Both girls have been rolling over from their tummy to their back since they were just a couple of weeks old, but they’ve now mastered the “full roll over.” Usually when they tried to go from back to tummy they would get an arm stuck and just […]

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