Uncle Bret & Aunt Chelle’s Visit

This past weekend Ellie & Audrie’s Uncle Bret & Aunt Chelle came to visit with their 2 girls Madison & Molly. This was the first time they have met and we were so excited to have them in town. We had a great time…spent most of the time in the pool. The babies didn’t of course. Madison & Molly were soo helpful with the girls. However I do think that Ellie & Audrie may have gotten a little spoiled. Now that we are back to normal they expect to be held ALOT more!!
The one thing that we did figure out is that twins would be much easier if we were closer to family. For the first time, Justin and I got some alone time. We dropped the girls off with them frequently just to go home and get a shower. Plus, we had them baby sit on Sunday for a couple of hours and we went to RA for lunch and at sushi.. I hadn’t had sushi since I got pregnant..YUM!!! Since I’m nursing we couldn’t be gone long, but the short break was much needed. We can’t thank them enough.

We will be seeing them again in just a couple of short weeks when we take our first trip to KS with the girls. That should be an adventure and I’m sure I’ll blog all about it.

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