I’m Back

So you’ll notice I haven’t blogged in awhile, but I do have an excuse. My laptop crashed, so I’ve been without a computer for several weeks. Today I’m using my husband’s computer, but mine should be back in a few days, YAY!!

It’s been crazy busy at the Rollins house. Last Friday we moved to a new house which is “sort of” challenging with 2 babies. We aren’t completely moved in yet, but we are getting close. We just keep going back to the old house to pick up small loads.

The girls have recently turned 4 months old and they are really growing & changing. They are super smiley. I think my favorite part of the day is putting them on the changing table. I know, right…changing a diaper is the best part of the day? It really is though because it’s like they immediately get bit by the smile bug and can’t stop smiling. It’s so cute!!

They are still sharing a crib, but I’m not sure for how much longer. They are both little wiggle worms, especially Audrie. I think it’s time they have their own space. Audrie is no longer being swaddled for naps or at night and Ellie is getting close. Ellie now sleeps with one arm out. What big girls!!! Well that’s all for now!!

We have their halloween costumes and will be taking them to the pumpkin patch soon. You know we’ll take lots of pictures.

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