What Big Girls!!

Ellie & Audrie turn 19 weeks tomorrow and my how time flys!! We’ve hit a couple of milestones over the past couple of weeks. First off, neither girls are being swaddled to go to sleep. I can finally just lie them in their crib and they fall right to sleep. Okay, give or take 10 minutes!!

Also, last week I mentioned that it was about time for them to stop sharing a crib. Well, we did finally have to make that leap. I think I was obviously more sad about it than they were. I just love having them share a crib and be able to snuggle together. It was getting to the point though that they were really kicking each other and rolling over on each other. It was funny the first morning nap they took in their own crib. I think they were finally like, “Wow, my own space.” I went in to check on them and they were both sprawled out taking up the whole crib, so I think they like having their crib to themselves.

The other “biggie” is that they are finally sleeping through the night. They’ve been doing it for a couple of weeks. I feed them at around 8:30 and they sleep until about 7AM. They do wake up a few times a night, but we just give them a binkie and they go back to sleep. So while Justin and I do still wake up a few times a night; it is worlds away from where we were. I’m sure before long they’ll be sleeping through the night without a peep. Well that’s all for now!!

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