5 Months ( 3.5 Adjusted)

Well, last week was another week of firsts. Both girls have been rolling over from their tummy to their back since they were just a couple of weeks old, but they’ve now mastered the “full roll over.” Usually when they tried to go from back to tummy they would get an arm stuck and just couldn’t “quite” make it over. On Thursday of last week Ellie was the first to do it and by Saturday Audrie had it down too. I love that they are rolling over, but it makes nap time a little hairy sometimes. Now that they are good at it, everytime I lay them down on their back; five seconds later they have rolled to their stomach…then they get mad until I roll them back over. Fun times, HAHA!!

Also, it’s been really fun having Audrie find her voice. All day long she talks just to hear herself. She’ll squeal and draw out all of her sounds, just to test out the old vocal cords. I was thinking it was extremely cute, however her dad was trying to get some work done so I knew he wasn’t quite as amuzed. Oh well, squeal on Audrie!!

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