Our 2 Little Turkeys

Well, I must say we had the best Thanksgiving with our 2 favorite little turkeys. How is it that having kids makes the holidays so much more fun? Ellie & Audrie had a big day!! I woke early, fed them & then started preparing dinner. As I was making the sweet potatoe casserole I soon realized I had way too many sweet potatoes. Lucky day for the girls!! I decided instead of waiting until next week to start them on cereal, they would get their first taste of “real” food on Turkey Day!! I was able to freeze 4 trays of sweet potatoes for the girls from the extra that I had. I had so much fun, I think I’m really going to dig making baby food for them.

They did SO good with their first meal…yes, it was a bit messy; but I think they managed to get some food in their bellies. Ellie started opening her little mouth and slurping down the orange goo right away. Audrie, on the other hand had a little more unique way of eating. She opened wide and then would try to lick the food off of the spoon. Both ways seemed to work for them though!! Oh what fun!!

Their bellies were full & they went for a nap. When they awoke, Dad had brought back the Christmas tree. We turned on some Christmas music and decorated their first tree. Their busy day much have tuckered them out because they had their best night of sleep yet. Normally we put them down at 8:30 and they wake up a couple of times throughout the night. Last night….not a peep until around 6:30 this morning…YAY!!!

AND can I just say, I think I have the BEST husband. He kept the kitchen clean while I cooked, cleaned up dinner and kitchen, put away left overs & wrapped packages. What a man and what a great Thanksgiving!!

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