6 Months

Well, it’s hard to believe the but the babies will be 6 months old on Tuesday. They grow up so fast!! It seems as though everyday brings a new development. I spent the first 3 months wishing they would hurry up and get out of the newborn stage. Now I’m wishing they would just put on the brakes a little bit.

They are well on their way with solid foods. They’ve now tried sweet potatoes, cereal, avocado, & bananas. So far, they eat everything with a smile. They haven’t rejected any foods yet. They also got their first sippy cup of milk. They both did fairly well.. However, Ellie always seems to catch on to things a little faster when it comes to eating.

They hadn’t had a bottle in quite some time, but when I went to have my hair done I had Justin give them a bottle. All of a sudden, Audrie grabbed the bottle and started feeding herself. Now, she also thinks she needs to hold the spoon.

Audrie now has her first tooth. It seems unreal that my baby can have a tooth!! She hasn’t really been fussy; just putting absolutely everything in her mouth and a little drooly.

They are both sitting up pretty well on their own. They are certainly giving crawling a shot. I swear I’m going to look over one day and they’re just going to take off. The both get their little rear in the air and scoot around, but just can’t quite figure out the arms yet. We will be in for it when they do figure it out. Baby gates, here we come!!

Happy 6 months Ellie & Audrie!

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