2 Teeth in 4 Days

Well, little Miss Ellie is certainly catching up to her sister in a hurry. Just a couple of weeks ago Audrie had 2 teeth while Ellie had none. Over the span of 4 days, Ellie now has 2 teeth. She got her first on the 15th & the 2nd on the 19th. Weesh!! Surprisingly she wasn’t that fussy! Boy, I think I would have been.

Also, they went for a weight check at the pediatrician yesterday. They are doing super!! Ellie gained almost 3lbs in 5 weeks. She is now 12.7 oz & Audrie is 13.9 oz giving her a gain of about 2 1/2lbs. What a growth spurt! Ellie is finally catching up recently on weight!! The Dr. said just keep doing what we’re doing. I told her I felt like we were overfeeding them, but she said not. It’s unbelievable the amount of food they eat!!

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Dave amen to that! So tickled they are doing well!
Now with teeth, watch those boobies!
They are little chowhounds, I know.
The girls are sure changing in looks too, as now I really can't tell them apart!

Paula I think that this a big milestone! Teeth! Next thing you know, you'll be talking Orthodontists and braces! 🙂

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