Happy 7 Months


Well, I can hardly believe that it’s been 7 months. In some ways it’s gone by really fast and at times I thought we would never make it here. They are growing by leaps and bounds; I see them changing in front of my very eyes. Audrie now weighs 13.5 lbs. & Ellie weighs 12.4oz. Not bad for starting out so small!

Audrie has cut 2 teeth and Ellie is working on her first this week. They aren’t crawling yet, but seems like it is just around the corner. They’ve been very healthy this first 7 months until just this past week when they got their first cold from Daddy.

It’s hard to believe we are over the hump to their 1st birthday. I think I will be sad when this day comes, although I’ve already started planning their 1st birthday party theme. Sick, huh? I know, but I’ve always been a planner.

It’s certainly getting much easier. I don’t think twins will ever be easy, but Dad and I are learning. We’re getting a lot more sleep and everyday is more fun than the last.

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Hannah Wow – 7 months! Such beautiful baby girls! Hoping you and Justin continue to get more and more sleep as the days and months go by.

I think it is so sweet that you're planning their first birthday party already. Nothing wrong with being a planner! Such a special celebration to plan. 🙂

Are you enjoying your new camera?

Dave Well, made this ol'ma'maa cry!!! Such sweet and happy babies! Of course they are happy,
because , Shea, you are with them and teaching them fun stuff to do and giving them a sense of "home". We can't wait to get on the Webcam and be on TV.

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