My Babies Can Read???

So Justin & I have been wanting to start the girls on “Your Baby Can Read” for awhile now. Well, we finally gave in and ordered it. We got it last week and the girls are on their way to learning to read…we shall see how it goes!

It’s going to take some dedication on my part. Obviously, day in and day out I will show the babies the videos and flashcards with no indication that they have learned a thing. But then I assume one day I will show them the word “nose” and they will point to their nose. I’m excited to try it!!

It’s fascinating to me how babies learn! It makes sense that babies have a window of opportunity whereby words are learned extremely easily. This occurs from birth to 5. After 5 yrs. of age, it becomes more difficult for children to learn new words, etc. So my thought is why not start them early!!

On a different note…both Ellie and Audrie drank from a straw last night. I think they felt really grown up. They actually drank the milk much faster than they did from their sippy cup!!

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Dave Somehow , this project doesn't surprise me
in the least! If they are like their Ma'Maa
and Aunt Paula ,they will love to read and it will be a sickness with them too!
HAHAAH Drinkin' from a straw, huh? now that is the only way to drink. I bet it wasn't a Sonic Coke though.

Dave Don't let them get into MaMaa's novels. Hee hee. Teresa

Paula Super idea! Love it! I've had a word of the week on our greaseboard since kids were little guys! Still do today! Yes, really. This week's word is raconteur. I still remember the very first word I ever put up: toucan. I bet if you asked Gabe, he would still remember it :))))

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