Monthly Archives: February 2010

My Little House of Terrors


Just when you think you have Ellie & Audrie’s personalities pegged, they switch on you…but as of right now Ellie is the pistol of the 2. She is kind of running circles around Audrie. She is always on the move & likes to take whatever toy Audrie is playing with at the moment. It’s funny, […]

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Happy 8 Months


The girls turned 8 months old this past Tuesday!! They are growing so much & each day I fall a little more in love with them. Our next visit to Kansas will be in March & I’m not sure our families will even recognize them. It’s incredible how different they are just since Christmas. We […]

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Ellie is on the Move

Ellie finally got it figured it out. She’s had the leg part of crawling figured out for awhile, but couldn’t quite get her arms to pull her. Yesterday, all day she kept lifting up one arm at a time until finally she was able to put it all together. Yay Ellie! Dad wasn’t home, so […]

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4 Days Later Ellie Sits


Well, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Ellie would be sitting. Audrie sat up on Saturday and Ellie did it on Wednesday. Obviously they get some of their competitive spirit from Mom; or wait, maybe a little from Dad too. It’s so funny how they keep meeting milestones just a few days apart. It’s […]

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Audrie Sits Up First


So last night Audrie was working really hard on something. I wasn’t sure if she was trying to crawl or sit up. This morning I got done feeding her and then put on the wood floor and went to get her sister. When I came back Audrie was sitting STRAIGHT UP!! This was the first […]

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