Ellie is on the Move

Ellie finally got it figured it out. She’s had the leg part of crawling figured out for awhile, but couldn’t quite get her arms to pull her. Yesterday, all day she kept lifting up one arm at a time until finally she was able to put it all together. Yay Ellie! Dad wasn’t home, so I was able to get her first crawl on video for him! Here it is!

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Dave Well, you go girl!!! Ellie beat Audrie at this one! Do you have locks on your cabinets yet?Wow, by the end of today she will really be on the move! I don't remember either you or Shannon crawling alot, just got up and walked!You were walking at 9 to 10 months and I think Shannon maybe was right at a year!
So precious. Love the bright colors for the sleeper!

Paula Yes, you are right…I have a tear in the eye…how precious. I've read that it is a good thing for babies to actually crawl…good for brain development. Studies done that show babies that actually crawl, as opposed to skipping that and going straight to walking—are more intelligent and have higher IQ's..who knows, but I tend to agree

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