My Little House of Terrors

Just when you think you have Ellie & Audrie’s personalities pegged, they switch on you…but as of right now Ellie is the pistol of the 2. She is kind of running circles around Audrie. She is always on the move & likes to take whatever toy Audrie is playing with at the moment.

It’s funny, just the other day I asked Justin, “Do you think the babies will be able to pull the ends of the door stops; should we take them off?” He said, “No, I’m sure they can’t get them off yet.” Haha!! As evidenced below, I looked over and of course ELLIE has not only the end off, but the whole dang door stop.

Then, as evidenced below…not long after I find she’s torn into a magazine.

All the while, Audrie just pretty much sits and watches her. I love how Audrie has started putting her hands on her funny! She does it constantly, everytime you look over she’s got both hands on her hips.

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Dave what a hoot! I love it! I will put up all Dad's magazines for sure!!!!

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