Happy 9 Months

Tuckered out after our hike…she never snuggles like this..
So it seems as though the twins are doing so many new things as they reach this 9 month milestone. I know I say this all the time, but I can truly hardly believe they are 9 months old. A friend of ours just had very preemie twin boys & Justin and I were taken back to those early days with the twins. Neither one of us would trade him places…those early days were some of the toughest & most sleep deprived days we will ever know. As they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” In all seriousness, I have loved every stage although some have been more challenging than others.

Now that we have hit 9 months; I think for this post I am just going to list some of the new things that the babies are doing and some of the funny things they do that I love. So here goes, I love it when:

1) They wake up for a nap they are standing up in their cribs with a huge grin.
2) They now pull up on everything.
3) They both say Ma-Ma, although Audrie more than Ellie
4) Audrie goes around a lot of the day saying, “Mmmm, Mmmmm”
5) I do the hand sign for “milk” their eyes light up and they high tail it over to me
6) They crinkle up their nose & do a little snort when they want something
7) They reach up for me when they are sitting on the floor and want to be picked up
8) They try to feed themselves finger foods.
9) Audrie tries to take steps & does a high step with her left foot

10) They play with each other or when they look over at each other and just start giggling.
11) Audrie grabs the spoon from me when I’m trying to feed her
12) Audrie babbles the entire meal..who knows what she’s talking about!
So that’s just a few of the things that I love, I’m sure I’ll post many more later! Happy 9 months Audrie & Ellie!
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Paula Ahhhh…my favorite was when they are playing and they share a look and a giggle. Your mom and I still do that!

Dave yes, Shea, Paula and I still share a look only meant for us and laugh. No one can make my stomach hurt from laughing the way Paula
can! Twins share a special bond forever

Hannah Happy 9 months to those gorgeous daughters of yours! They are so sweet!

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