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Looks Like We Need To Make A Trip To Target

So, I think we’ve found 1 toy that the girls really don’t want to share. They have a little lion push toy which until yesterday they really didn’t show much interest in. They liked us to push them around on it, but didn’t have the skills yet to push it on the own. I think […]

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Audrie Is The First To Walk


Well, Audrie is starting to walk this week. For awhile now she’s been standing up on her own. Finally this week she has started to take steps on her own. She’s a very independent little thing. Every time you try to hold her hands and help her, she pulls her hands away and wants to […]

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Happy 11 Months!


Yesterday the girls turned 11 months. We are now on the countdown to their 1st Birthday! Not sure I’m ready for that one. Here are some of the things you guys are up to:—Ellie, you have went pee-pee twice in your potty, even though we’re not really trying to potty train yet. —Audrie, you like […]

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Oh, Ellie


A couple of weeks the girls found a drawer under the bunk beds that has a ton of dolls in it. When I went to check on them they had pulled every..single…one..out. They love to go in there now and pull each one out. I’ve been trying to teach them to put them back in […]

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1 Day Strike


So Audrie apparently is a stubborn little girl. When we woke up on Saturday she nursed just fine and then the remainder of the day she refused to nurse. Normally as soon as I do the hand sign for milk so comes right over & can’t start nursing fast enough. Well, Saturday I would put […]

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