1 Day Strike

So Audrie apparently is a stubborn little girl. When we woke up on Saturday she nursed just fine and then the remainder of the day she refused to nurse. Normally as soon as I do the hand sign for milk so comes right over & can’t start nursing fast enough. Well, Saturday I would put her on the nursing pillow and she would just lay there and then sometimes turn her head the other direction. Totally relaxed but just wanted nothing to do with nursing. She even refused to nurse before I laid her down for the night.

The first couple of times I just thought she wasn’t hungry. But as it went on I kept thinking maybe she was just done…weaning herself. That night I researched a little and everything said that a baby suddenly stopping isn’t weaning, but it’s a STRIKE for some reason. Ellie had bit me really bad a few days prior and I let out a scream which they sometimes can lead to a strike…maybe Audrie was reacting to it instead?

Anyway, long story short…I was extremely sad on Saturday. It’s hard to explain how I felt, but it’s almost like a sudden death of a loved one. The relationship you once had is over without having a chance to say good-bye. I kept thinking, if I had known she would suddenly stop nursing I certainly would have savored the last time. My thoughts were that I would wean her gradually, not just have HER suddenly decide to quit.

Here she is taking her sippy cup just fine that day:(
Well, anyway..the good news is, when we woke up on Sunday she nursed just fine and we haven’t had any strikes since. I don’t know what her deal was, I suppose she was just exerting her independence. But whatever the reason, I’m glad she’s decided to nurse for a little while longer.

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Dave uh, oh……… Remember you, Shea, 3 1/2 years. That is independence!
I am sure she just wasn't in the mood!????
I know you want to be prepared and do it on your time. Just savor the moments! as they are fleeting!

Paula Ah shoot–how well I remember. Jonas was almost 4, Shea, and I still cried! I know…I liked your comment…about if you had known it was the last time you would have savored it…'member those words, Shea, it will apply to lots of times in those babies lives!

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