Audrie Is The First To Walk

Well, Audrie is starting to walk this week. For awhile now she’s been standing up on her own. Finally this week she has started to take steps on her own. She’s a very independent little thing. Every time you try to hold her hands and help her, she pulls her hands away and wants to do it on her own.

She usually takes about 3 or 4 steps on her own before she sits down or falls. I’m sure over the next week or so she’ll be all over the place, but for now I think crawling is still her preferred mode of transportation. Ellie should be walking soon too…she never likes her sister to figure things out too far ahead of her.

A couple of other updates. Ellie now has 5 teeth with a 6th on the way. Audrie has started clapping her hands & they both are waving like crazy. It’s so funny when you go get them from a nap, the first thing they do when you walk in the nursery is start waving at you.

Last but not least, my FAVORITE thing… when you get ready to lay Audrie down for a nap, and you’re just holding her, patting her little back…recently she’s started patting my back. She must think I need a little pat too. Thanks Audrie, so cute!

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Dave well, now that is about the cutest thing! Audrie will be cruisin'by the time you get to Kansas. Patting your back is too sweet. Like a hug, huh?

Paula Golleeee! We will all have to be on our toes when you arrive in Kansas….I can see us now chasing them everywhere! I better start shopping for Walking shoes now, I guess 🙂

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