Happy 11 Months!

Yesterday the girls turned 11 months. We are now on the countdown to their 1st Birthday! Not sure I’m ready for that one.

Here are some of the things you guys are up to:—Ellie, you have went pee-pee twice in your potty, even though we’re not really trying to potty train yet.

—Audrie, you like to play peek-a-boo with Daddy. Your favorite thing is to put a shirt over your head..Daddy will say, “Where’s Audrie?, then you pull it off and Daddy will say, “There’s Audrie!!”

—You are both standing a little on your own. Audrie, you tried to take a couple of steps last night.

—Audrie, you like to carry things around with you. Normally we find you crawling around with items in both hands. Either you have a binkie in both hands and one in your mouth or a rattle in one and a binkie in the other. I guess you like to be prepared. You always want a spare…just in case.
—Ellie, you are our dare devil and climber. 1st you took a nosedive out of your crib..we still don’t know how you got out..then you started climbing in drawers..now today you’ve been trying to crawl the bunk bed ladder. I watched you climb to the 2nd step today…if I wouldn’t have got you down, I’m not sure how far you would have made it.

—Ellie, you give such good kisses. Recently you’ve become so cuddly. You love to crawl up on my lap and put your arms around my neck. It makes my day!
—Audrie, you’ve started waving bye-bye and Ellie you do it sometimes too.

You guys are so much fun! Everyday is an adventure..we love you so much! Happy 11 months!

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Paula Ahhhhh….love it! Cant' wait to see you in June

Dave Ahhh………… ditto Aunt Paula. Love it!
We will all be squabbling like kids in June just for a smile, wave or kiss!!HAHAHAH!!!
Can't wait. You are such a good Mom, Shea, to write in this journal.

Hannah Happy 11 Months to your beautiful daughters! They are beautiful.

Having a climber makes for scary moments! Good luck, Mom. 🙂

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