We TuRnED 1!!

“I know, I know,”..I’m a little over a week late on the 1 year post. We just got back from Kansas, so I wasn’t around a computer on their actual birthday. I’m definitely going to post about our trip, but 1st things 1st I must blog about my precious babies 1st year of life.

1 year ago on June 16th our lives were forever changed. Audrie and Ellie blessed our lives more than we could even imagine. Over the past year we have found out that parenting is indeed the hardest job you will ever have, but also the most rewarding. It has been a true joy to watch the twins grow up in front of our very eyes.

So what’s new at 1 year old

** Audrie is walking EVERYWHERE, crawling is a thing of the past.
** Ellie has 6 teeth, Audrie has 5.
** Ellie can throw a ball back and forth.
** Ellie likes to shake her head no-no
** Audrie loves to wrap her arm around Daddy’s neck when he picks her up
** They both slap their hands on their tray at meals to let us know they’d like more food.
** Both are still nursing
** Both get binkies only for naps & bedtime
**They’ve traveled to Kansas 4 times.
**Ellie lights up a room with her smile..it’s like she smiles all the way to her bones.
**They are so well behaved in public..nearly everytime we are out, someone asks “are they always such good babies.”
**They are GREAT sleepers. They go down for naps without a peep and at night sleep from 7PM-8AM.

There are so many great things about being a Mom to these 2, really too many post. These are just some of the highlights. And now for the pictures..here a few of them demolishing their smash cakes at their B-day partieS and the beautiful Horton cake from their Aunt Paula. They literally ate an entire smash cake TWICE. I have no idea where they put it!

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