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Swim Lessons Week 4

Friday ended week 4 of lessons & Dad came home to watch. The girls are making a ton of progress. Audrie is the stronger swimmer & Ellie has a stronger float. They are both doing amazing! Here’s some video.. You Might Also Like:My Little House of TerrorsHappy 10 Months!Teaching The Girls To Ride

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13 Months


Audrie & Ellie turned 13 months today. Ellie is continuing to walk more and more. She’s definitely more persistent than her sister. Everytime you say, “Try again!”; she gets right back up and tries again. She’s been doing a bear crawl which is pretty funny to watch. Usually she does it when she’s trying to […]

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Finally Some Pictures of Swimming Lessons

This is Audrie swimming to the edge I’ve had a few people complaining that I have no pictures of swimming lessons, so finally here you go. Justin was able to come to watch the girls lessons today so I got my camera out. Normally both girls cry during the lessons, but not the case for […]

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My Little Fishies


So, after researching quite a few different swim programs for the girls; we finally decided in ISR or Infant Swim Rescue. With so many backyard pools in AZ, you hear of drownings nearly everyday. For this reason, we wanted our girls to be able to save themselves should the worst happen. You can check out […]

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Dad & Audrie’s Project


We finally got the girls “Big” present for their birthday on our doorstep last week. We needed more storage for their books and toys, so we got them a new book case. Audrie was Dad’s little helper putting it together. Ellie would have helped, but she was watching from the background in her jumperoo. The […]

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