Dad & Audrie’s Project

We finally got the girls “Big” present for their birthday on our doorstep last week. We needed more storage for their books and toys, so we got them a new book case. Audrie was Dad’s little helper putting it together. Ellie would have helped, but she was watching from the background in her jumperoo. The only thing Audrie was missing was her tool bench. She also got a little tool bench for her birthday and she carries it around all of the time like she’s getting ready to go work on something.

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Paula You may remember that when Gabe was a little tike, Grandma Dick got him a toolbox with a tiny little saw in it. He was SO excited and we found him a short while later, sawing on his bunkbed. He had made quite a cut in the wood by then. Of course, nowadays, you would never find a real saw in a child's toolbox!!

sheakorinne That's really funny..a real saw, huh? Yea, you would never have a real one these days. I bet Gabe did think that was pretty cool!

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