My Little Fishies

So, after researching quite a few different swim programs for the girls; we finally decided in ISR or Infant Swim Rescue. With so many backyard pools in AZ, you hear of drownings nearly everyday. For this reason, we wanted our girls to be able to save themselves should the worst happen. You can check out a video on youtube than is pretty amazing. They re-enact an 11 month old falling in a pool, then floating for 10 minutes before his Dad comes out to get him. Crazy to watch!!

The goal for Audrie & Ellie is to learn swim-float-swim. So they will go under water, open their eyes to find the exit & start swimming to it. When they need air, they roll into back float then go back to swimming. We are starting their 3rd week today and they are doing amazing. It still involves some tears; but this is entirely normal until they are confident in their abilities.

Last Friday’s lesson was incredible. Both of them are doing really well at breath control, opening their eyes, and finding the bar at the edge of the pool. On Friday, the instructor was still keeping a hand on them, but said it was really to make sure they stay confident & keep working. Both of them when laid on their back in a float would initiate rolling over to swim and find the bar and pull themselves up out of the water.
The lessons are intense…she comes to our house M-F for 10 minutes with each baby. It is really neat to watch though as they improve each day. Hopefully these lessons will lead to them be great swimmers & to love the water. Since I have no pictures yet…sort of hard to handle a camera and getting 2 babies in and out of the pool by myself; I’m posting some more scrapbook stuff. This week hopefully Justin will make it to a few lessons and we’ll get some photos and video.

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