14 Months

For me today is bittersweet…the girls turned 14 months old today, but with great sadness dare I say the girls are officially done nursing. A dear friend of mine had her 1st baby start kindergarten today and she was explaining how her daughter seemed fine, meanwhile she’s been a mess. Isn’t that the truth? I’m sure the girls would have been fine being done nursing awhile ago, but Mom just couldn’t quite cut them loose. But today was the last time..I THINK. As long as I can stay strong in the morning and just give them their sippy cup.

The twins have never really nursed for comfort..they’ve been on a really good schedule and only nursed when they were hungry. I’ve been gradually decreasing the number of feedings and for the last several months I’ve only nursed them when we wake up. 5 days ago Ellie decided she was done… I put her on my lap and she’d just giggle and roll off my lap onto the bed. Audrie has still been eating, butI finally just decided it was time to call it quits. They are fine with stopping, so Mom should be too, right? It’s funny, turns out I really enjoyed the experience. In the beginning I didn’t think I’d make it 14 days, let alone 14 months. Wish me luck in the morning..;)

Oh, and the pictures…this is Audrie. She loves carrying her dollies around and gives them lots of kisses. Usually one under each arm..

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Rylie’s Mommy You're awesome! I can't believe you "managed" to breastfeed TWINS for 14 months. 🙂 You should definitely feel proud. I nursed Rylie for 10 months and wish that I could have gone longer…but returning to work and PUMPING sure did take the "special bond" away. But, it was still a hard decision. Hopefully, with our next child, I nurse for at least 12 months. We'll see?!

sheakorinne Thanks Chas!! Yea, I don't think I would have made it as long if I was working. Pumping is NOT fun! I love keeping up with your blog by the way..

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