Lots of UpDaTeS!

Well, this week we started probably what will be the girl’s last week in swim lessons. Tomorrow I get to get in the water with them, which will be fun! She’s going to show me some things to do with them so they’ll continue to float and swim underwater.

Saturday we went to The Little Gym! I think the girls had fun, but I realized I’m definitely not the “sing-songy mom type.” There was a little bit of that in the beginning and that was certainly not Justin and I’s favorite part. The girls were so funny and you can tell they have different personalities. The teacher said to let them “explore” and Audrie did just that. She would just take off with no thought to where Mom & Dad were. She’d go over to other families and stand there with them, then take off in another direction. Ellie, on the other had we kept calling “Elmer”, because she had her feet glued to the ground. She was so curious that she was just taking it all in but standing in one spot.
They love to climb on everything, so I’m sure they had a great time. Especially Audrie, she actually climbs INTO everything. Yesterday the toybox in the living room, today the toybox in her room, & then the box that my scrapbook supplies were delivered in.
Well, the girls are waking up from their nap so I’ll finish the rest of the updates next post.

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