Splash Pad

Before the “accident”

So some of you may already have heard, but for those of you who Justin HASN’T told; the girls had their first accident on my watch. Justin likes to tell the story more than i do, since he wasn’t here when it happened. I had the laundry basket out and Audrie happened to crawl in, so Ellie started pushing her around the house in it. So cute I thought. Well then Ellie crawled in the basket too and they were just playing…all of a sudden they both stood up on one side and of course it tipped over and they face planted right on the hardwood floors. Instant hysterics. So I’m trying to hold both of them, but can’t really check out their injuries without a free hand.  Audrie sticks her finger in Ellie’s mouth like she always does, and when she pulls it out there’s blood on it, “uh-oh.”  Well, I finally got them calmed down and then they went for their nap.  I was more concerned about Ellie at this point, but when they wake up I discover Audrie has a giant bruise on her cheek. I’m sure this will be the first of many accidents, but I realized how hard it is when they both get hurt at the same time and need Mom.  

Ellie coloring
Audrie playing in the fountain

So, on  to more recent events…this weekend we took the girls to the splash pad at Desert Ridge.  They had so much fun.  We took them to dinner first and Ellie had a good time coloring.  Then we headed over to play in the water.  At first, Ellie did her typical thing…just stood there and looked around.  Audrie also did her typical thing…bolted off in 12 different directions.  Pretty soon though, after she’d “assessed” the situation, Ellie was off.  They were all over the place…I’d like to take them this week by myself, but I’m not sure I could contain them both.  Even with Justin there, I kept losing track of one…Anyway, they had so much fun & I’d definitely recommend taking your kids to one if you’ve never been. 

Ellie and her new friend

Lastly,  Ellie & Audrie are loving books right now.  Usually they will go get a book and bring it to me, then fight over who gets to sit on my lap while I read it.  Story time usually consists of one kid on my lap and the other one hanging over my shoulder trying to see the pages.  Well, I think that’s it for now.  

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Shina Really? That's your FIRST accident? You're doing good, mom!

sheakorinne Haha. Yea that was our first REAL accident. You have boys though… I think boys will always get into more trouble;)

Shina Oh, it's the truth, alright! I can't remember our first drawn blood, but I know it was seeeeeeeeeveral months ago 🙂

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