What did You SaY?

Daddy reading a story

Well, I’ve always heard that twins have their own language and now I truly believe it.  They jabber away at each all day long.  Right now, Audrie is probably the more talkative of the two.  Audrie just talks & talks about everything it seems.  Ellie on the other hand is more to the point.  She has this one particular sound she makes to Audrie;  everytime Ellie does it, they either laugh or Audrie hands Ellie something.  It must mean something, but I’m just not sure what.  Apparently Audrie understands though.

The best part is in the morning when they first wake up.  They normally start to wake up around 7:30 or so but we don’t go get them from their cribs until about 8:00.  So from 7:30-8:00 you can hear them just carrying on having a good time.  Who knows what they are talking about, but it’s pretty funny to listen to.  I have to remember to get this on video if possible.

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Paula Well, shoot, Pam and I still speak "twin-speak"…you should hear us get going!

Dave Not only that, Paula, but no one can make my stoamch hurt from laughing they way you can!
I know Ellie and Audrie will have this same connection. What a mystery! Lots of inside jokes that no one else gets!

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