Flight Fiasco!?!?

So, here it is the end of September and we are supposed to be in Kansas.  However, after 6+ hours in an airport, 1 missed 10 year class reunion,  & lots of waiting family; we are still in Arizona.  We were scheduled to fly out at 7:35 AM last Friday.   We boarded the plane and everything was going smooth;  that is until they told us they needed to have the plane looked at and we’d need to get off of the plane.  We were flying out of Mesa-Gateway Airport which is teeny tiny…Allegiant is the only airline that flys out and they only fly 2 flights per week.  So after we waited until about 11:30 AM  with 15 month old twins we’d had enough and left. The girls actually did surprisingly well…they only got mildly cranky for a few minutes when they were ready for a nap.  Imagine 2 germaphobes like Justin & I stuck in an airport with babies for 6 hours… WHEESH!, NOT FUN!!  So, long story short…we re-booked our flight on Southwest for Oct. 13th….I don’t think we will be flying the friendly skies with Allegiant anytime soon! 🙂

On to other news….Ellie is quite a little card. Apparently whatever she likes to babble about is pretty funny.  Justin and I get tickled at her because she’ll go on & on about something then at the end she’ll just start laughing. Meanwhile, she’s talking with her hands the whole time…she comes by that honest.

They’ve both become good little helpers around the house…however I still can’t get them to put their toys away.  Every time we come in the back door, I take their shoes off…both girls grab their shoes and walk them over to the cubby by the front door where we keep their shoes.  They also like throwing things in the trash.  Lately it’s become slightly easier to keep the kitchen floor clean.. After a meal or snack, when they are done they pick up all of the food off the floor and put it in my dustpan to put in the trash.

On to a couple of pictures…

So this picture now hangs in our dining room…I was pretty proud of myself for laying it out in Photoshop.  I love the way it turned out!
Audrie & Ellie coloring

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Rylie’s Mommy I love your canvas picture!!! I might "steal" your layout idea. 🙂 And it looks great…all in black and white.

sheakorinne Thanks!! Steal away :)!

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