Ten On Tuesday

1)  Audrie has been really cuddly this past week.  I don’t know what’s up with it, but I like it!

2)  I’ve realized I’ve been slacking on taking pictures and need to start getting more shots.    I think it’s partly because I’m really critical of all of the pictures I take & partly because the girls are always moving and hard to get pictures of…whatever the case, I’m going to work on taking more.

3)  When we walk through the garage to get in the car;   normally I hold the girls’ hands while we navigate the small step down to the car.  One day, I was a little slow on grabbing their hands so Audrie grabbed Ellie’s hand as they stepped down so they didn’t fall going down the step. Priceless!

4)  I’ve taken up running for the past 10 weeks or so….I still don’t LOVE running, but it’s an easy way to get in some exercise in the morning before the girls wake up.  It’s also kind of peaceful…I’m not sure what race I’m going to run…but thinking I may shoot for the Half Marathon in January.  Don’t hold me to this though!

5)  When we play catch, when I’m getting ready to throw the ball I would say to the girls, “Back up, back up, back up…Now Audrie trys to say it to me as she backs up.

6)  Don’t judge…we bought leashes for the girls.  Cute back pack leashes.  I told myself I would NEVER put my kid on a leash, but I think Mothers of twins play by a different set of rules.  Soon, they aren’t going to want to be in a stroller which is great for containing them.  When you let them walk, they tend to bolt in 2 different directions.  If I ever have hopes of taking them anywhere by myself at this age (out of a stroller), I need some way to keep them with me as they are too independent to let you hold their hand.  Not sure I like the leash idea, but we’ll see if it works.

Audrie with her monkey leash

7) The girls have a foam alphabet letter set for bath time.   For some reason, Audrie always puts the yellow 7 in the yellow cup; never any other letter or number.  It’s always the yellow 7…weird.  Wonder if she knows the number 7 or she just likes to match the colors?

8)  We had a first trip to Greasewood Flat with the girls last weekend.

9)  The twins haven’t woke in the middle of the night in months and months & months.  Last night Ellie was crying from 2-4 AM.   Thank you Molars!

10)  We leave for Kansas in the morning…

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Dave i think a leash is the way to go. Really…….I know Teresa's niece, Kelly, had one for her twins! Sometimes you just do what you must do. Love all the updates. Priceless on the hand holding.
Glad and happy as can be you leave for Kansas in the morning.

Shina No judging here, we have leashes too!

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