Ten On Tuesday

1)  The girls are both trying to jump this week.  So funny as their feet never come close to leaving the ground, but they’ve got the right idea.

2)  Can’t wait for the girls to have some chilly weather so they can wear their new boots.  They love stomping around in them.  Also, so glad we can still buy fake “UGGS” for them & they could care less.

3)  Ellie is such a smiley thing & Audrie has such a serious face most of the time.   She probably laughs aloud more, but always has such a serious look.

Audrie with her serious face & her curls

And Ellie with her big grin

4)  I received the Halloween costumes that were made for the girls…Strawberry Shortcake & Lemon Meringue. 

5)  Ellie thinks the laundry hamper from their room is where ALL of their toys should be put away.

6)  Again, can’t wait for cooler weather.  They are outgrowing all of their summer clothes so I’m ready for their winter wardrobe.

7)  We are officially done with swimming for the summer.  Robyn came over for the last time yesterday…she’s been coming once a week to swim with the girls.  I need to post a video of one of their last swim…they absolutely amaze me!

8)  8 more days and we should be in Kansas minus any more flight fiascos.

9)  Recently Ellie has been the more talkative one & it used to be Audrie.

10)  They have both mastered doing the sign for milk.  

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Dave what is the sign for milk? Not that I want to use it, but would like to know what it is.
Jumping, huh? I bet that is cute. Jump high and touch the sky!

Shina OMG, those will be the cutest costumes. This year Jacob will be the Cat in the Hat, and the twins Thing 1 & Thing 2. I'm excited for that.

The twins are doing the jumping thing, too. But Evan is actually getting some air in his jumps! Big kid= loud jumps!

I'm laughing at the thought of the girls' winter wardrobe. In my mind, an AZ winter has to be the best winter ever!

sheakorinne Can't wait to see pics of the Seuss themed costumes! That will be awesome! Yes, winter wardrobe actually doesn't even consist of a coat , just a hoodie! And it is the best!

Paula They have a hoodie, hmmm? What does it look like? I'm seeing winter outerwear in my shopping plans!

sheakorinne Haha! We just got them a pink zip up hoodie from the Gap.

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