Ten On Tuesday

Well, we are back from Kansas so today’s post will be just some of the things we did on our trip.

1)  We went to a great park/zoo in Independence with Grandma Rollins..  The girls had a blast being able to go wherever they wanted.. Later in the week we went back and rode the little train there & also the carousel.   Mom & Dad didn’t do so well on the carousel…as soon as it started going around we were looking for ways to bail off :)!

At the park

2)  We saw lots of cows at Grandpa & Grandma Rollins’ now the twins both say “cow.”  They both liked them until one got a little too close to Audrie when we went out with Kenny to feed.  She got spooked when one was pretty much nose to nose with her.

3) They LOVED riding the 4 wheeler.  As soon as they heard it, they wanted on.

4) Their Aunt Paula brought them a teeter totter that belonged to she & my mom.  They too, are identical twins.  The girls will have many hours of fun to come on it.  So sentimental, too!  Justin & Kenny are in the process of restoring it a bit…they cut new seats, etc

5)  The girls went to their first Lyons High School football game…we didn’t stay long, but they went.  We also got the chance to see their cousin London play baseball!  We had a lot of fun at the game!

6)  While we were in Wichita we got to visit our friends Dawn & Casey.  The girls had a great time playing with their little girl Kenzie!

7)  The girls got to see their Uncle Shannon while we were in Wichita, too. Shannon & I took the girls to dinner & everyone kept thinking he was the Dad.  The girls weren’t on their best behavior…normally they don’t make a peep at restaurants…they just people watch.  But I guess they though they could get away with it since Justin wasn’t there.

Audrie with Shannon

8)  On the last Saturday we were there, my cousin Anna had everyone over to her house for a little Halloween party.  Anna plays the piano and the girls loved sitting down and banging the keys with her.

9)  On Halloween we went to Chanute and trick-or-treated with Madi & Molly.  The twins had a blast..it was so fun watching them run around the streets.  Audrie was Strawberry Shortcake & Ellie was Lemon Meringue.

Audrie with Justin & Molly…Ellie with Madi & her friend

10)  While we had a great time and it was fantastic to spend time with family…we are also so…very…glad…to be home!  I’ll have lots more pictures to come, I just have to finish going through all 350 of them!

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