Ten On Tuesday

1)  Well, we are settled back at home.   Unfortunately, Ellie & Audrie both caught a cold from our trip.  It never fails….everytime we travel they come home sick!

2)  They girls are little chatter boxes.. At 16 months,.before I forget I thought I would list all of the words that they say..It’s funny that they both say the exact same list of words. ( Uh-oh, ball, cow, hi, bye, done, jump, mom dad, car, & shoes)  I think that’s it.

3)  I’m trying to make a list of everything I want to get the girls for Christmas.  I am NOT ready for Christmas..  Can it really be November already?

4)  The twins love to dance.  Anything that remotely has a beat, they will dance to.

5)  Audrie turns everything into a phone.   She puts everything up to her ear and starts talking away.  I think she gets it from her Dad, since his phone is almost always attached to his ear :)!

6)  They love to do the actions to the song, :”If you’re happy and you know it..”  they both clap their hands, stomp their feet, & put their arms in the air for “hooray.”

7)  The other day Ellie carried around her Frog, “Tad” for over an hour.  She just kept hugging it, kissing it & dancing with it..She would squeeze him and sway back and forth while she looked right in his eyes…So funny!  She would not put it down.


8)  I’m still training for a couple of upcoming races.  I’m going to do the 12K’s of Christmas in December & the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in January.  I’m really excited!

9)  Starting to think about potty training the girls, but will probably wait until after Christmas.

10)  I signed up for another photography class…can’t wait to get started..  A big thanks to my Mom for getting me registered.  Their were over 1500 people on the wait list & the class filled in 1 minute.  I was on the flight home so Mom got me all signed up.  Thanks Mom!

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Dave I love the story and the Ellie with her frog! That is so darn precious! Growing up too fast for all of us. We are so proud of you for doing the marathons. Way to go, Shea!!!!I am proud of me, too, for signing you up for your class but gosh, I would have been really shaken up if I had known how close I was to getting you out. Wheesht!!! Teach them girls to say ma'ma and pa'pa!!

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