Ten On Tuesday

1)  The girls have started eating with a fork.  You can get them to eat almost anything if you put it on their fork.

2)  I don’t know what’s going on with our naps.  Most days they just want a morning nap & won’t take an afternoon nap.  I really wish they would switch this up & skip the morning which is what most kids do…And then some days they surprise me and take both naps. I don’t know, our kids must be weird.

3)  Yesterday, I ran 4.6 miles which is the farthest I have ever ran in my life.  Just have to make it to 7.5 miles by Dec. 11th.  Oh, and then 13.2 by January 16th.

4)  We are taking the girls to get a hair cut today…they need it BAD.  Their hair is in somewhat of an awkward stage.

I hope they don’t cut off their curls 🙂

5)  They have cracked our childproofing method, which is to shut the doors so they can’t get in to what they aren’t supposed to.   Well, so much for that…Ellie can now reach the handle & freely goes in and out of closed doors.

6)  Audrie cut in one molar and her second one should be here any day.

7)  They have started waking each other up from naps.  If one gets up first, she will go back into the room & stand at the crib and say “hi” and poke her through the crib slats until she wakes up.

8)  Speaking of  “Hi”,  this is by far Audrie’s favorite word.  The way that she almost sings the word is so adorable.

9)  They were sitting in the chair giving each other kisses the other day & then just giggling.  Now they give each other a kiss every night at bedtime.

10)  They do a ton of the actions on their Baby Can Read videos.  Let’s see…they do arms up, look up, wave, point to your toes, point to your teeth, & touch your head  to name a few.

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