Ten On Tuesday

1)  A couple new words this week…cheese & dog.  Does it really surprise anyone they say cheese?

2)  We put the bunk beds back up & the girls are back in the drawer.  Only they are much bigger this time!

3) I taught Ellie how to do “knuckles.”  She loves to give a fist pound.

4)  Everyday when Daddy comes home..the girls here the garage door open.  When I say, “Who’s here?,”  Audrie says, “Daaaady!”  Priceless!

5)  I did my long run on Sunday…6.7 miles…now my new longest run ever.

6)  Audrie has her bottom molars now

7)  I had an old jar filled with jelly beans from our wedding.  I decided to clean it out so I could use it & threw them in the bathroom trash can which normally migrates to the closet to keep the girls out of it.  Justin was in the closet getting dressed and Audrie was with him…I ALMOST said, “make sure Audrie doesn’t get in that trash.”  Next thing I know Audrie has about 20 three year old jelly beans in her mouth.

8)  The girls got a hair cut on Sunday and they did NOT lose their curls.

9)  They are becoming real buddies.  Often times I find them sitting together reading a book together in a chair.

10)  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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