Ten On Tuesday

1)  We went to Tot Town last week…The girls had so much fun..It’s a church that every other Wednesday turns their gym into a play area for kids.  They have more toys than you could ever imagine, but of all the toys…guess what the girls played with most?   Balls, of course!

2)  Audrie pees in her potty almost every time we put her on before her bath.   Think it’s time to start potty training but want to wait until after the holidays.

3) Justin & I had a minor communication meltdown.  I thought he was watching the girls & he thought I was watching them.  Next thing we know they have their lion toy pushed right up to the toilet.  They are soaked to the bone, super!

4)  We decorated for Christmas.  So far the girls are great with the tree.  I must say I was a little worried but they’ve been great.  Ellie was way more into helping decorate than Audrie.

Ellie patiently waiting
We told her not to touch..so she put her hands behind her back very nicely

5)  We went by to take the lock box off of the old house in Surprise & let the girls run around where they spent 8 months or so of their life.

6)  This is how we found the girls Thanksgiving morning…..just kidding Dad put them there.

7)  Here is what the girls had for Turkey Day

8)  And we hung stockings

9)  Normally we put the tree up on Thanksgiving Day but Justin wasn’t feeling great so we got to it on Sunday.

10)  Everything in the girls life revolves around a ball.   2 huge round sculptures outside of  Target…BALL…Balloons outside of car dealership..BALL.  You get the picture!

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