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Last post of the year, and a New Blog

So you’ve probably noticed I have a new blog…It’s not finished yet, but it’s up at least enough where I can post to it.  More about this later… 1)  Everytime I ask Audrie, “Where’s your Mom.?  She just keeps saying, “Moom, Mommm, Mommm.  I love to hear that word.  Oh, and she also says, “Shea.”  […]

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Ten on Tuesday

1) We went to Zoo Lights for the 2nd year in a row. 2)  The babies have been cutting teeth like crazy.  In the last couple of weeks Ellie has cut 5 teeth & Audrie has cut 3 of her molars. 3)  We stumbled on Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home the other day.  I’d lived […]

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