Last post of the year, and a New Blog

So you’ve probably noticed I have a new blog…It’s not finished yet, but it’s up at least enough where I can post to it.  More about this later…

1)  Everytime I ask Audrie, “Where’s your Mom.?  She just keeps saying, “Moom, Mommm, Mommm.  I love to hear that word.  Oh, and she also says, “Shea.”  That’s pretty funny.

2)  Audrie is talking quite a bit and is starting to repeat things she hears.  A couple  of her new words are potty & cracker.

3)  I completed the 12K on Saturday.  My friend Jen & I ran it together. The only major hiccup was that I forgot my water bottle.  Not a huge deal, because they had water along the course, but still would have preferred to carry my own.  The first 5 miles I kept a pretty good pace,  but slowed for the last 2.6.

Taken from Justin's Iphone before the race

Jen & I , also taken by Justin before the race

4)  Running Saturday’s race made me even more excited for the 1/2 marathon in January.  I’m super excited that an old friend Stephanie is going to come out and run it with me.  We used to work together at Roche and she is so fun!

5)  Thank you Grandma for the Bunny & dog.  Audrie loves to carry them around everywhere and they both sleep with one.  Oh, & p.s.  these outfits from Aunt Chelle are my new favorites.

6)I was supposed to wear this hat in the 12k, but since I didn’t…the girls decided they’d try it on for size.



7)  Shirtless in December? Really?

8)  We met up at the park with a friend Julie this week and her dog Petunia.  The twins still aren’t crazy about dogs, but are getting better.  Petunia is a great dog..she didn’t bark or jump on them at all, but they were still a little unsure about the whole thing!

9)  We had a bit of a scare last night.  We were playing in the girls’ room before bedtime and Ellie knocked her head really good on her toybox.  She was basically standing on her knees and just face planted her forehead into the toy box.   She is one tough cookie, though…I picked her up, noticed her head was cut and she was already getting a knot.  She only cried for about 20 seconds and as soon as I sat down with her she stopped.  She’s got a cut today and a pretty good goose egg, but think she’s going to be fine.  Scary, though!

10)  Make sure to subscribe to my new blog.;)

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