Ten on Tuesday

1) We went to Zoo Lights for the 2nd year in a row.

2)  The babies have been cutting teeth like crazy.  In the last couple of weeks Ellie has cut 5 teeth & Audrie has cut 3 of her molars.

3)  We stumbled on Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home the other day.  I’d lived here 7 years and always heard of Taliesen West, but had not clue that it was his winter home..

4)  My long run this week was 7.02 miles this week.  Saturday is the 12 K’s of Christmas, 7.5 miles.  There should be lots of fun activities for the kids there too.

5)  Audrie loves putting on Dad’s hat.  Forward, backward, to the side…she doesn’t care.

6)  It’s official, we are going to be back in Kansas for Christmas.  The trip is booked.

7)  Kierland Commons has “snow” every Saturday in December. We took the girls to see Santa and for a carriage ride..however we missed the carriage ride.

8)  Before Kierland, we stopped at PF Chang’s for dinner.  It always feels so good when people stop at your table & comment on how well behaved your kids are.  There were some other kids there that were running a muck & it made me appreciate our kids.

9)  We also took them to McCormick Stillman Railroad park to ride the train.  They are having Holiday Light rides every night starting on the 10th.  We are definitely taking the kids back for that.

10)  They both love brushing their own teeth.  I think Santa will probably be putting new toothbrushes in their socks.

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