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Food Of The Moment


I say “food of the moment” because this week they love blueberries, but who know next week.  They literally ate 3 HUGE bowls of blueberries & it was a little messy.  I know this is supposed to be one frame a week, but I couldn’t decide on just one:)  You Might Also Like:Happy 7 Months22 […]

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The Leash

Ellie looking very studious with her laptop & backpack

1)  The girls literally have worn their monkey backpacks/”leashes” for the past five days.  They both put one on and walk each other.  Usually Audrie is in the back yelling at Ellie, “GOOO!”   Sometimes she has to also give her a little shove. 2).  I’ve picked my next race…it’s at DC Ranch just up the […]

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Can I Get You Anything Audrie?


I had to sensor the photo a bit, but thought it was too cute to not post for “Frame of the Week.”   This is week 1 of potty training.  Audrie looks pretty comfy..she insisted on the hat & she’s listening to some music on my iPhone.   Don’t let the picture fool you though, it’s been […]

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1/2 Marathon Race Weekend


Such an awesome,  much needed weekend!  You wouldn’t think running a half marathon would recharge your battery but it totally did…thanks to my awesome husband.  Since my friend Stephanie came in town from Minneapolis he pretty much handled the kids for the weekend and let me play.  And trust me I haven’t gotten so much […]

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5 O’clock Again


5 O’Clock at our house….This is what Dad came home to earlier this week.   Pretty sure it made his night. You Might Also Like:It All Started On Cinco De MayoLooks Like We Need To Make A Trip To TargetTen On Tuesday

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