1/2 Marathon Race Weekend

Such an awesome,  much needed weekend!  You wouldn’t think running a half marathon would recharge your battery but it totally did…thanks to my awesome husband.  Since my friend Stephanie came in town from Minneapolis he pretty much handled the kids for the weekend and let me play.  And trust me I haven’t gotten so much free time in 19 long months!

On Friday, Steph and I went up to the RNR Race Expo to pick up our stuff then headed back to the house so she could meet the kids.  The twins are slow to warm up to most people, but not Steph…within minutes they were best buds.  The girls couldn’t get enough of her all weekend.

Steph & Audrie.. Thanks Uncle Kenny for teaching her this face

Friday night, we went out for drinks at The Sandbar….but I went home early so I could put the kids to bed.  I still haven’t missed a single bedtime in 19 months.  Saturday, we went and got pedi’s then went to dinner at Houston’s. We got home early so we could relax and get a good night’s rest before the race.   We were planning to get up at 6:15 to get to the race by 8:30..  Steph forgot to change the time on her cell phone so she woke  me up at 5:15 and had me in a panic thinking we were late.

We had an executive car pick us up and take us to the race so Justin could stay at the house and wait for the nanny.    The race was great!  Stephanie has ran a ton of races and is way fast, but she promised to go whatever pace I wanted.  She stuck with me the whole time & we crossed the finish holding hands.   I was totally impressed that Justin met us at two stops along the course and snapped a couple of pictures.

And believe it or not, we didn’t even plan to wear the same thing, it just happened…exactly the same color of purple. ( Photo by Justin)

Photo taken by Steph after the race

Photo taken by Justin right after the race

I didn’t finish as fast as I thought I would,  but that’s ok…at least I finished.  I guess I’ll just have to do another one to improve.  Tempe was crazy busy & traffic was terrible.  We decided the easiest thing would be just to stop and grab lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings right by the race…bad idea.  Steph & I walked over, but Justin never made it.  He basically drove around for an hour and a half trying to get TO the place…he was not a happy camper.

Thanks Steph for a rare picture of me & the kids

Sunday afternoon we rested up, put the girls to bed then met some friends at RNR in Old Town… then ended up at several other places.  We stayed out WAY too late…I haven’t stayed out until 2:30 AM in years…I was so tired  that I went to bed at 8:45 last night.  I was a little afraid I was going to wake up really sore, but actually I wasn’t sore at all…totally strange!

So, I guess that was the weekend recap….so much fun!  Thanks Steph for running with me & thanks Justin for being so supportive!

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