Daddy Day

1)  I have only 2 more short runs to get in before the 1/2 marathon on Sunday.  Stephanie gets here on Thursday..the nerves I’m sure will set in soon!

2) The twins have been down to 1 nap for the last couple of months which gives me considerably less time to get things done.

3)  Sunday was a “Daddy Day.”  I had to do a 10 mile run in the morning so Justin started the day by taking them to breakfast and then to the park.  Then he fed them lunch and put them down for a nap.  When they were down for a nap, I had to go to the running store & whole foods, so he spent most of  the afternoon with them too.  I think they bonded and had tons of fun!

4)  That evening we went to the Olive Garden.  I haven’t been there since I lived in Wichita.  It wasn’t as good as I remember, but the girls seemed to like it.  Another successful dinner out!

5)  I think we are all finally feeling better…not 100%, but better.  I broke down and got the Neti-pot.   Just so you know, if you’re really stuffed up…it doesn’t work.   At least it didn’t for me….if you’re just moderately stuffed, it works great!

6)  Ellie woke up from a nap really cranky and crying yesterday.  Audrie kept bringing over all of her toys and giving them to Ellie trying to cheer her up.  Even though Audrie’s only a minute older, I think she was being an extremely good big sister.

7) The babies have been loving their new picnic table.  We had to get one after seeing how much they liked the one at Ma’ma & Pa’pa’s.   They like to color & have snacks on it.

8)  Why have I never used liquid fabric softener before?   I have always just used Bounce Dryer sheets, but liquid is sooo much better!

9)  I wasn’t really planning on having a Sesame Street theme for the girls 2nd birthday but I guess I may have to???  Audrie loves Elmo.  She learned to say his name this week & finds him on everything.  Diapers, stickers, etc.

10)  So something funny.   I found out while recently visiting my parents that my childhood bird…(whom I thought died of old age)…actually died from the inhalation of fumes from the exterminator.   And I’m JUST finding this out???

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