The Leash

1)  The girls literally have worn their monkey backpacks/”leashes” for the past five days.  They both put one on and walk each other.  Usually Audrie is in the back yelling at Ellie, “GOOO!”   Sometimes she has to also give her a little shove.

Ellie looking very studious with her laptop & backpack

2).  I’ve picked my next race…it’s at DC Ranch just up the road which is nice.  Now I’m just debating between the 10K or another 1/2 marathon.

3)  We started potty training last week.  Audrie seems more ready than Ellie.  We have had some successes but lots of accidents too.  More on this topic later with all the details.

4)  We had an awesome weekend with Justin.  For the first time that I can remember for a long, long time, he didn’t work Saturday or Sunday.  He hired a new person which has freed his schedule a little bit, so hoping we see a lot more of him on the weekends.

5)  Audrie learned to say her name a couple of days ago.

6)  Audrie also likes to give her sister big bear hugs.

7)  Next Monday I start Karen Russell’s photography class.

8)  I just purchased the book Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld.  I love it… it’s been giving me lots of new ideas to try.  I feel like the kids have been lacking variety lately.

9)  The girls got their hair cut today…anyone in the Scottsdale area I would recommend Minnows.  On certain days of the week they do $5 kids cuts,  yes $5.

10)  This Saturday Justin and I have a date day planned.  Way excited!

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