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B-Hobo Kelly Moore Bag


So my photography class is totally enabling me to buy camera gear.  The teacher or a classmate mentions something they have, then I think I have to have it.   So far the class has been going for 4 weeks and I now need  a camera bag, a camera strap, a glass filter, and an expodisc just to name a few:)  My first purchase is […]

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Sharing a glass of milk You Might Also Like:Happy 11 Months!Food Of The Moment1st Day as a Roadrunner

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098 Web

This picture pretty much explains our photo shoot the other day…they kept running away from the camera.   1)  So, the other day I left the house to go to Target and got about 2 blocks away when I realized I was still wearing my house shoes. 2)  Audrie absolutely loves being a helper.   That includes both helping Justin […]

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One Frame A Week

Ellie hanging out in the yard…we’ve been outside ALOT since it’s been in the 80’s.  You Might Also Like:”Our Guy”Bubbles With DadTwoosy Doodlers

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Happy Valentine’s Day

seviche blog

   1)  I got Photoshop CS4, so bear with me while I try to learn it.  I feel like it’s making my photos worse at the moment.  2)  So I’ve written about how I got the book Deceptively Delicious.  I was so excited about the book, BUT so far I’ve made three recipes and all […]

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