B-Hobo Kelly Moore Bag

So my photography class is totally enabling me to buy camera gear.  The teacher or a classmate mentions something they have, then I think I have to have it.  

So far the class has been going for 4 weeks and I now need  a camera bag, a camera strap, a glass filter, and an expodisc just to name a few:) 

My first purchase is a camera bag.  I’m thinking I’m going to go with the Kelly Moore, B-Hobo bag.   I love that it doesn’t look like a camera bag & it holds a ton of stuff.   Who knows maybe I can even get rid of my diaper bag…I hate carrying that thing.  

I also really like the Epiphanie  Lola bag, but I’m pretty sure I LOVE the Kelly Moore bag.   I just can’t decide between the teal & the walnut.  Decisions, decisions!

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Anna Such a stylish mama! I personally like the epiphanie…but don’t let my opinion sway you! Both very cute!

sheakorinne Thanks Anna! Actually since I wrote the post, I’ve changed my mind. Epiphanie it is!

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