Happy Valentine’s Day


1)  I got Photoshop CS4, so bear with me while I try to learn it.  I feel like it’s making my photos worse at the moment. 

2)  So I’ve written about how I got the book Deceptively Delicious.  I was so excited about the book, BUT so far I’ve made three recipes and all of them failed, big time.  I’m committed to try some more, but so far…not so good.

3)  I went on my first run since the 1/2 marathon…I’ve got a race again in a couple of week so I better get these legs moving. 

4)  We were in Safeway and a lady stopped and  said, “How cute, they’re holding hands.”  I hadn’t even noticed the twins were holding hands..then in the car they kept holding hands too. 

5) It’s unbelievable how many new words they are picking up.  They know basically the same words, but Audrie talks twice as much.  A nurse once told us with twins, sometimes one of them will do most of the talking and sometimes even talk for the other.  This may be true with the girls. 

6)  I attempted to get some decent pictures of the twins this weekend, but let me tell you…shooting two toddlers is next to impossible.  Justin was with me and we’d just get one to sit still for a second and then we’d have to chase down the other one. 

7)  Ellie started saying “Audrie.”

8)  For Valentine’s Day I made red velvet cupcakes.  They look much better than they tasted; I messed up the cream cheese frosting.

9)  Justin and I love seviche.  This recipe will probably gross many of you out..sometimes we do the full recipe and sometimes we just make the fish by itself & serve with the corn tostada.

10) And my new favorite blog is Kendi Everyday. She basically takes 30 items from her closet and mixes up new outfits everyday. 

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