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Chasity So I had more time to catch up on your blog this afternoon and I have one question: how do you get your pictures to look so bright?! I love it. I’ve heard of people putting “things” in windows to reflect natural light…but I just don’t get it?! You once told me that shooting in manual mode was much better…but I have yet to try it. Any tricks you would like to share?!

admin So I use all natural light, but the thing is… if you’re going to shoot in low light (e.g indoors with few windows), you need a lens that has a really wide aperture. I use a 50mm 1.4. It’s really hard to get a good exposure/bright picture from a lens that doesn’t have a wide aperture. For example, my first lens was I think 3.5-5.6f, and it was next to impossible to get a good exposure unless I was outside with lots of light. And then, like I’s all about manual mode..being able to adjust your settings to let enough light into your camera. Hope that helps..I might have just confused you more;)

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