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Bunny & Dog

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  Audrie with both bunny & dog.  These little stuffed animals are from Grandma Rollins & they each have claimed their own.  Ellie sleeps with the bunny & Audrie sleeps with her dog.  You Might Also Like:Get That Camera Away From MeMy ModelI’m getting in the pool

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Ten On Tuesday

Having an Arby's Picnic with Dad

1) Kind of disappointed that I didn’t make it to the Phoenix Open…Justin went up to the Bird’s Nest one night and then we planned on going over the weekend, but it didn’t happen.  This year we only live a couple miles from the golf course, which is a big change from when we lived in Ahwatukee.  […]

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Get That Camera Away From Me


Apparently this is Ellie’s “Get that camera away from me look.”  They just woke up from a nap and everytime I got close to her with the camera, this is the look I got You Might Also Like:Move It Sweetheart!At Least they Remembered their placematGreasewood’s Again

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Positive Parenting

1)  The twins are getting to an age where we are starting to think about discipline..I like the  positive parenting approach…I just bought .  We’ll see if Justin and I can agree on a parenting style:) 2)  I’m even more glad I’m doing the run at DC Ranch in March.  It’s a run to benefit […]

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