This picture pretty much explains our photo shoot the other day…they kept running away from the camera.  

1)  So, the other day I left the house to go to Target and got about 2 blocks away when I realized I was still wearing my house shoes.

2)  Audrie absolutely loves being a helper.   That includes both helping Justin & I and also helping Ellie.  If Ellie wants a toy, Audrie is usually the first to give it up to make her happy.   It’s seeming to me that she could be the more dominant one. 

3)  Friday we went over to see Krista, Kenny, Ruby and their “new” baby Nathan.  I haven’t seen Krista since she was pregnant with Ruby and Ruby is now almost 2.  Krista and I have a love of photography in common so there was a lot of picture taking. 

4)  Krista gave the girls some bows to put in their hair.  I told her they ALWAYS take them out, but surprisingly they are doing alright with them.  They stay in for awhile..It’s funny, the girls call them “pretty.”  First thing in the morning they grab one and say, “pretty” and want me to put it in. 

5)  Justin and I went out and about on Saturday.  First we started with breakfast at the Good Egg. 

6)  Then we headed to IPic for a movie.  We saw the new Adam Sandler movie, “Just Go With It.”  It was really funny. 

7)  Everytime we see a movie, the trailers get us everytime and we have to set up another movie date.  Next movie, “Hall Pass.”  Anyone who is married will get a kick out of this one. 

8)  I had my first good run in a long time on Sunday.  I ran 5 miles and in the fastest time ever.  Thank goodness because I was starting to rethink my upcoming race.

9)  Audrie points to Ellie and says, “sister.” 

10)  I’m out of fun facts…so instead I’ll ask, “Have you subscribed to my blog yet?”

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