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“Our Guy”


We are so incredibly proud of “Our Guy”…yesterday his Real Estate Office had their 2010 Award Ceremony and Justin came away a big winner.  He was awarded top 1% of the entire company as well as THE top agent for the Kierland West USA office.  Justin does such a great job of not only working his tail off […]

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It All Started on Cinco de Mayo Part2

Photo taken at 5 Months by Kelly Rashka

So it’s almost been a year since I posted Part 1, and I’m finally getting to the rest of the story.  I want to get it “written” before I forget all of the details.  So, Dr. Kells releases me from the hospital at 28 weeks & I’m put on bed rest.   Justin used to laugh […]

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It Was A Yoga Kind Of Day


My friend Julie has been going through a pretty rigorous yoga certification program.   A few weeks ago she called me about needing some pictures for her course & I was happy to do them.   Shooting toddlers can be challenging, so I was excited to mix it up a little & photograph someone that might actually […]

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2 Corn Cobs Later


This was the first time the girls ate corn on the cob.  They both ate 2 ears & cleaned them both slick! You Might Also Like:The Shy Little KittenLadies’ ManI’m getting in the pool

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 1)  Ellie can now unlock my iPhone with one quick swipe.  So some of you in my phone book could be getting an unexpected call from Ellie. 2)  On St. Patrick’s Day we went to The Tilted Kilt for lunch with the girls.  They were dressed in their green & the waitress even gave them a shamrock headband.  […]

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