21 Month Old, “say what?”


So last week I started making a list of all of the words that the girls say, because I want to remember some of their first words.  I figured I better go ahead and get it blogged because I can’t keep up with the list…everyday they learn so many new words.  This will bore most of you, but bear with me..this is for Mom to remember later;) 

And before I forget, too.  We’ve been doing Your Baby Can Read with the twins..a couple weeks ago I sat in amazement as the girls actually “read” a word.  There are sliding cards that have a word, then when you slide it open, there’s a picture.  We hadn’t been looking at them at all this particular day, when Audrie grabbed a card without sliding it open & touched her toes..I quickly looked at the card and sure enough it said “touch your toes.”  Next she read, ” hold your head”, and did the action.  The following day, Ellie did the same thing with the word, “car.”  I was totally amazed…I don’t know if they memorize how the word looks or how they do it, but they are definitely picking it up.   

And now, here is the list of words:  Hi, bye, mom, dad, sister, Audrie, dog, duck, fish, blanket, bucket, eyes, car, truck, tractor, sock, outside, backpack, eat, see ya, pumpkin, basket, cup, water, milk, fork, spoon, chair, waffle, cat, bunny, toes, feet, book, pretty, hair, elmo, all done, bike, sorry, goose, chicken, toast, sticker, go, ready, here you go, ball, pool, crackers, cookie, hat, up, cheese, shoes, plane, basket, glasses, sit, horse, goat, cheerio, hands, helpful, potty, sheep, pig, monkey, cow, tree, walk, back up, chick, chicken, apple, bee, flower, bike, knee, phone, book.

That’s all I can rember, I’m sure I’ve missed lots…but at least I’ll these few to look back on someday!

Look for the frame of the week on Saturday & then hopefully some St. Patty’s Day pictures next week!

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